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F​riday, August 23

12:00 PM   Registration/Welcome snacks 

12:50 PM   Symposium Begins: Welcome/Introductions/Opening Remarks 

1:00 PM    Atypical AF Patterns in Right and Left Atrium: Mapping and Ablation Strategies

1:20 PM    Mapping PVCs, 12 Lead ECG Interpretation

1:40 PM    AVNRT vs AVRT: Differentiating complex circuits

2:00 PM    Introduction to Mahaim Tachycardias

2:20 PM    Moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A

2:40 PM    Anti-Arhythmic Drugs for AF Management

3:00 PM    Indications for AF Ablation: How Early is Too Early?

3:20 PM    How to Target Non-PV Triggers

3:40 PM    Beyond PVI: Ablation Strategies for Persistent AF

4:00 PM    Moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A

4:30 PM    Industry Breakout 1 

Attendees visit with Industry Exhibits

5:45 PM    Sponsored Case Presentations  

Hosted by AltaThera Pharmaceuticals, iRhythm Technologies, Sanofi, and Volta Medical

7:30 PM   Cocktail Reception 

8:30 PM    Educational Dinner with Biosense Webster

Exclusive to Fellows and Early Attendings

Location: Davio’s Boston Back Bay

Saturday, August 24

6:30 AM    Breakfast 

7:30 AM   Symposium Begins 

7:30 AM    Maximizing Lesion Depth with RFA

7:50 AM    Targeting the LV Summit

8:10 AM    Post-MI VT: Functional Mapping

8:30 AM    Pericardial Access, Mapping, & Ablation

8:50 AM    VF Ablation: PVC triggers, Brugada & the Purkinje Substrate

9:10 AM    Moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A

9:30 AM    Industry Breakout 2

Attendees visit with Industry Exhibits

10:30 AM  Break

11:00 AM  Pre-Recorded Case with Live Commentary

12:00 PM  Sponsored Lunch- Impulse Dynamics 

1:20 PM    Transfer to Prep MD for Sponsored simulations/training 

2:00 PM    PrepMD Sponsored Simulation Session – Boston Scientific

4:30 PM    Break

5:00 PM    PrepMD Remote Monitoring Session

6:20 PM    Transfer to Boston Park Plaza

8:00 PM    Educational Dinner with Baxter

Exclusive to Fellows and Early Attendings

Location: TBD

8:00 PM    Exclusive Faculty Dinner with Premier and Foundation Level Sponsors

Location: Grill 23


Sunday, August 25


6:30 AM    Breakfast

7:30 AM    Symposium Begins

7:30 AM    Leadless Pacing: Single vs Dual Chamber

7:50 AM    CRT Techniques: CS to CSP

8:10 AM    Subcutaneous vs Substernal ICD Therapy

8:30 AM    Left Atrial Appendage Closure: ICE vs TEE

8:50 AM    Peridevice Leak Closure: Who and How?

9:10 AM    Cardioneuroablation to treat vasovagal syncope

9:30 AM     Moderated Panel Discussion and Q &A

10:00 AM  Practical Issues in Electrophysiology: Panel Discussions

  • Clinic Optimization

  • Billing for EP procedures

  • Minimizing legal exposure

  • Negotiating personal contracts

  • EP group financial structures

  • Negotiations with Industry

12:00 PM   Adjourn


* agenda is subject to change

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